Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011


When at this time of the year the first Christmas sweets arrive in supermarkets, I ignore them. I might take a quick look, ahhh gingerbread, mhhh "Dominosteine", think no no no and walk away. It's way to early for me.
But ... when the first magazines with Christmas Cookie recipes hit the newsstands, I simply have to buy them. Every year!
Well, this Friday I bought "Brigitte" with the cookie supplement, the Christmas special edition of "Lecker", "Essen und Trinken" and "Living at home".
And to be prepared for future baking, I got my cookie cutters out to see what I have and what I still need.
For example I want a polar bear cutter, like the one pictured below. The picture was from Katja and Minna's blog "Nestled in" (still miss it).

Happy Holidays Flickr friends!

And a snowflake and gingerbreadman cookie cutter would be nice.
Oh yes, I like this early planning!

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