Dienstag, 27. September 2011

Sarah Illenberger

I got the book about Sarah Illenberger today. Her work is really amazing.
You can browse the book and order it here.
Or look at her portfolio.
And via "Freunde von Freunden" you can visit her apartment.

Sonntag, 25. September 2011

A wonderful weekend

At the graveyard

My parents garden

Quince tree

The weather I was hoping for in my last post already came this weekend, hooray! I enjoyed it sooo much.

On saturday morning my mother and I went to the cemetery to put some roses on my grandmas grave. There are many beautiful trees there and the atmosphere is so peaceful.

Saturday afternoon and most of sunday I spent in my parents garden reading, sunbathing, drinking coffee and having poppyseed bundt cake.

I hope you also had a wonderful weekend.

Donnerstag, 22. September 2011


This morning

I took this picture before I went to work this morning and felt a little bit sad. Today is the last day of summer and I don't think of it as a good summer. It was often thundery and too hot or raining, well as far as I remember and I can count on one hand how many times I sat on my balcony.

But then I realized how nice those red leaves are.
The color is a promise for a nice Indian summer, don't you think? And this made my smile.

Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Recent Reading

The graphic novel adaptation of "Der Himmel ist blau, die Erde ist weiß" by Hiromi Kawakami really touched my heart. And I love the drawings by Jiro Taniguchi.
You can see that he has put much thought into each of his characters. At the end of volume 2 is an interview with him and Kawazami, where Taniguchi explains how he imagined Tsukiko, one of the main characters. For him she had to be a little bit chubby and when she is for example irritated she draws a face like a child might. And Hiromi Kawakami said she liked the decisions he made.
The words for the speech ballons were taken directly from Kawakamis novel.
I liked her style and read subsequently "Herr Nakano und die Frauen" her second novel translated into german and can also recommend it.

What book have you enjoyed lately?

Sonntag, 18. September 2011

Stuttgarter Bücherlauf


Although it was rainy and quite cold today, I went to the "Stuttgarter Bücherlauf" to cheer for my running colleagues.
It was a fun sunday afternoon. But when I came home I needed a cup of hot chocolate to get warm again.

Donnerstag, 15. September 2011


A picture I took yesterday of my tv screen

Yesterday Champions League, today Europa League.
Watching a football game on tv is a nice way to unwind after a long working day.

Montag, 12. September 2011


Iced Coffee on my balcony - July 2011

One and a half years ago, I started learning swedish. 
And the swedish have a wonderful word: "kaffesugen". You can't translate it directly into english or german, at least as far as I know. 
But it means something like "being thirsty for coffee" or "hmm, I really would like to have some coffee now". 

That's how I often feel. I am "kaffesugen" and this is my blog.