Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Recent Reading

The graphic novel adaptation of "Der Himmel ist blau, die Erde ist weiß" by Hiromi Kawakami really touched my heart. And I love the drawings by Jiro Taniguchi.
You can see that he has put much thought into each of his characters. At the end of volume 2 is an interview with him and Kawazami, where Taniguchi explains how he imagined Tsukiko, one of the main characters. For him she had to be a little bit chubby and when she is for example irritated she draws a face like a child might. And Hiromi Kawakami said she liked the decisions he made.
The words for the speech ballons were taken directly from Kawakamis novel.
I liked her style and read subsequently "Herr Nakano und die Frauen" her second novel translated into german and can also recommend it.

What book have you enjoyed lately?

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